Alternatives For The Correction Of Presbyopic Patients With Multifocal Contact Lenses, with Giovanni Cruz Garnica – CooperVision México

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The management of presbyopia has been a challenge for eye care practitioners and patients in terms of the correct identification and selection of the right design, as well as the availability of products for the criteria of the vision professionals and the expectations of the patients. Latin America has the lowest proportion of contact lens fittings in the world. This course comprehensively addresses all aspects related to the identification of potential candidates, as well as precise recommendations for the fitting and readjustment of contact lenses in presbyopic patients. Highlights the correction mechanisms, the alternatives and designs available with multifocal lenses from soft designs to specialized designs. Those attending this training will have enough tools to be able to approach patients and achieve an increase in their success rate by incorporating these fitting procedures with the contemporary materials and designs.

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    20/11/2020 00:15