Dry Eye And Contact Lenses: Management At The Optometry Practice, with Antonio Verdejo Del Rey – OCULUS

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In many cases, dry eye syndrome is underdiagnosed and remains untreated. Because there are several factors that can trigger this affectation, it is essential to make a good diagnosis to indicate the most suitable treatment for each patient.
In addition, dry eye is directly related to the adaptation of all types of contact lenses, since patients who present symptoms or signs related to dry eye, will present greater dissatisfaction with their lenses and greater probability of abandonment.
Throughout the presentation we will explain how we can clinically manage dry eye in an orderly and simple way using the latest technological advances in our cabinets, and how to treat and / or refer knowing how far we can go as optometrists. All of this in order to minimize eye discomfort for these patients and improve our contact lens fittings.

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