Non-invasive Method Of Tear Evaluation With Medmont Topography, with Patricia Flores – Medmont

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Non-invasive tear assessment method with Medmont topography.
The measurement of tear quality is an important clinical test to detect patients with dry eye pathology and to evaluate tear stability on the contact lens. Currently, the invasive technique of measuring tear capture time has proven to be easy to perform and economical. However, clinical studies have shown that the results of the test are dependent on: 1. Ph of the tear; 2. Amount of volume of fluorescein instilled; 3. the expertise of the clinician performing the test. For this reason, non-invasive tests have taken on value in this evaluation because of their precision, repeatability and independence from the examiner. In this talk we will analyse both techniques, emphasising Medmont’s non-invasive TFSQ test.

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