Two Totally New Solutions for the Manufacture of Contact Lenses and Intraocular Lenses from the Pioneer in Freeform Lenses, with Stephan Huttenhuis and Frank Niehaus – Schneider


SCHNEIDER’s freeform technology for 3D surface processing revolutionized the spectacle lens industry. Today, individual freeform lenses are the top product in the market, and SCHNEIDER has grown to be the premier manufacturer of freeform equipment worldwide.
SCHNEIDER now transfers their wealth of experience in high-tech optical manufacturing to the contact lens and IOL manufacturing market, offering two brand-new highly modular single-point diamond turning machines based on an entirely new philosophy. The result is highest surface accuracy and quality at unprecedented productivity.
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Why freeform manufacturing is indispensable in today’s modern and individualized contact lens and IOL production What new options it opens up for you and your customers How the SCHNEIDER technology differs from existing equipment We will present you
Industry-proven UPC nano, manufacturing high-quality contact lenses and IOLs ready for polishing. At an unbeatable price the compact machine comes with onboard integrated Fast tool and ready for automation.
Fully-featured UPC 100 Vision, for those seeking polish-free quality results. It provides extraordinary accuracy and extremely low surface roughness. No matter how challenging the application – the most sophisticated polish-free IOL’s, mold inserts or highly complex individualized contact lenses are manufactured with ease.
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