Eliana Aureliano

Coordinator of the technical department of Solótica being in the company for 22 years in the area of training and development of special rigid gas permeable lenses. Technical support contact lens for special RGP lenses.

Optics technician, Specialist in Polymers with a degree in Polymer Technology from Faculdades Oswaldo Cruz.

Master’s student in Technology, Management and Eye Health at the Federal University of São Paulo.

Master coach with an MBA in Leadership and Coaching in People Management from Universidade Anhanguera.

Behavioral profile analyst with DISC tool by ATOOLS.

Training in Life and Leader Coach by SLAC Coaching and recognized by the International Association of Coaching Institutes.

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This video was originally produced in Portuguese. You can enable subtitles in the video and also automatic translation (use the configuration icons in the lower right corner of the video). PRESENTATION SYNOPSIS Rigid gas permeable lens design designed with two...