Johanna Garzón

Doctor Ph.D. in optometry and vision sciences, University of Valencia-Spain. Master of Science- Pharmacology, National University of Colombia. Primary Eye Care Specialist, FUAA. Professor and researcher at Universidad de la Salle, Universidad Santo Tomas, Universidad Antonio Nariño in Colombia, and visiting professor at the international level. Area of expertise ocular surface, tear, ocular pharmacology and external pathology. Author of the book Ocular Pharmacotherapy, Allergic Conjunctivitis and several articles and academic contributions. Former president and former academic director of the Fedopto professional college and current honorary member. Currently dean of the Faculty of Optometry at the Antonio Nariño University, Colombia.

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PRESENTATION SYNOPSIS The central mechanism of dry eye according to recent consensus is caused by the instability of the tear film, which produces inflammatory and hyperosmolar processes and is associated with alteration of physical and neurosensory mechanisms. It is therefore...
This video was originally produced in Spanish. You can enable subtitles in the video and also automatic translation (use the configuration icons in the lower right corner of the video). PRESENTATION SYNOPSIS The ability to invade, growth and infection of...