Sidi Hamida

Graduated in Medicine from the University of Malaga in June 2011. Specialized training: Specialist in Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Pain Treatment, via M.I.R at the University Hospital “Vírgen de las Nieves” in Granada (completion in May 2016). Resident Internal Physician in Ophthalmology in Hospital Complex. Torrecárdenas University (Almería). I am currently in my 3rd year of Residency. Postgraduate academic training University Master’s Degree in Neuroscience and Pain, from the Faculty of Medicine of Granada, passing the Master’s degree with the corresponding final Master’s work in 2013. Doctoral candidate University of Alicante. PhD Program. Physics Applied to Science and Technology a. Research Line: Optical Techniques in Biomedicine and Engineering

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This video was originally produced in Spanish. You can enable subtitles in the video and also automatic translation (use the configuration icons in the lower right corner of the video). PRESENTATION SYNOPSIS Essential factors in CXL Riboflavin. Types Protocols to:...