About Class Symposium

A complete and updated program. Always internationally renowned speakers.

Class Symposium is a Contamac initiative providing major opportunities for the Vision Care and Speciality Contact Lens Industry of Latin America. In Bogota 2018, Contamac launched the first Contact Lenses of the Americas Specialists Symposium – Class. The event brought together prominent professionals in the contact lens industry of Latin America and provided countless opportunities for participating laboratories. Record attendances have been the hallmark of this meeting since its inception.

The second edition of Class took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina with 678 attendees and 32 sponsoring companies enjoying a variety of networking opportunities.

In 2020, it had its first 100% digital version due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online, with worldwide reach. There were 49 days of continuing education, more than 150 presentations watched by almost 40,000 internet users.

In 2021 we will repeat the success of Class Online, now with over 200 presentations.

Class is transforming the market for Specialty Contact Lenses in Latin America.

Participants hace access to the most recent research, innovation and education. All free and without restrictions.